memcached performance on Mac OS 10.4

Andrew Miehs andrew at
Thu Mar 2 15:39:35 UTC 2006

You may want to read this

A fairly old article - but I don't think all that much has changed.

The Mac is great for developing, etc, but if you really need the
performance, you may want to look at a different operating system.
(FreeBSD/ Linux)


PS: I actually use and like Macs....

>> I'm experiencing the previously reported 200 ms latency on each
>> memcached query. As five queries per second is far, far worse than
>> scrapping memcache altogether and running without memory caching, I
>> was wondering if the problems on Mac OS 10.4 have been addressed and/
>> or worked around in any way since Gregory Block wrote the following
>> to this list in March last year:
> Peter, I'm having the same performance problem, trying to use
> memcached on OS X to speed up Ruby on Rails database requests. 5
> responses a second, even wit a simple test app totally separate from
> rails.

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