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Mon Mar 6 10:23:57 UTC 2006

Cahill, Earl:
> Based on the keyname, a key/value pair gets hashed out to a particular
> box.  Consequently, any operations (add, set, get, delete, etc) for that
> keyname are pinned to the same box.
> If a server goes down, and you are pinned to it, then what depends on
> the value of no_rehash.  If no_rehash is true, then you're dead, as no
> rehashing will take place.  If no_rehash is false, then memcache will
> rehash based on which servers it thinks are up.  You can set no_rehash
> using the set_norehash method.
> You can find out about the above and other niceties by running the
> command
> perldoc Cache::Memcached

I use perl client. And I have addition question.

If I have multi-IP DNS server name, can Cache::Memcached work correct
with it?

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>> Hi, all!
>> Sorry, I do not undestend one moment...
>> When I set in perl client more then one memcached server, keys set to
>> one of them, or to all?
>> What happen with client when one of two servers is down?
>> Thanks.

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