Confused on scaling memcached & persistant connections (w/ the PECL client)

Richard Thomas lists at
Fri Mar 10 17:55:20 UTC 2006

It wouldn't be to hard to make a daemon to do this, heck I could do it 
in php but would would the +++ outway the ---

The thought being if I get this right,

Apache -> Daemon -> Nonpersistant, but local connection overhead is so 
small it doesn't matter? Or would this be persistant?

Daemon -> Memcache -> Persistent but pooled.

This way you could get away with fewer connections overall to the 
Memcache server?

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Brian Moon wrote:
>> Are there any plans for the PECL memcached client to pool the persistent
>> connections on the server in a more efficient manner?
> Each Apache process will have to have its own persistent connection. The 
> only other option I could think of would be to have a daemon on the 
> localhost that acted as a proxy.  I don't know of such a thing at this 
> time.
>> Also, has anybody else noticed just how slow unserialize() is in PHP?
> Its not super fast, but its not much slower than creating the data every 
> time in code.   At least, not when I last tested it.
>> Is there any way for the memcached PECL client to be extended to accept
>> arrays/objects and do this faster
> To store an array or object, you have to make it a string or binary data 
> somehow.  The only way to do that in PHP is serialize.
> Brian Moon

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