Perl client stats bug

Eli Yelluas eyelluas at
Tue Mar 21 01:26:48 UTC 2006


It seems that in the latest Memcached Perl client, there is a bug
running the plain "stats" command -- what Cache-Memcached calls the
'misc' stats. Because _one_line can return more than one line, things
like "current_connections" were not showing up. I changed the client
to use run_command instead of the LINE: while loops and it is working
fine. Thoughts?

New here:

I upped the version to 1.16 to avoid internal conflicts. If you guys
feel this fix is the way to go, please feel free to use it in the next
CPAN update.

If it is not the way to go, I would greatly appreciate any input on this
topic :)


- Eli

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