Memcached for Win32

Graham Batty graham-memcache at
Wed Mar 29 21:54:14 UTC 2006

Jeremy Kronuz wrote:
> I just compiled a native Win32 version of memcached. I used the 
> current libevent (libevent-1.1a) and Memcached (memcached-1.1.12) I 
> tried really, really hard to find a working binary on the Internet, 
> 'cause I'll use Win32 memcached for my tests at home, but I couldn't 
> find a win32 binary.
> I'm happy to share my changes to the code (which are not many and are 
> mostly based on an old post at called "Initial build of 
> Win32 memcached available..." by Gregory Block, I think) with the 
> community and my binary file; in fact this message is to offer what I 
> have, so maybe it can be put at the official site if possible. Perhaps 
> the guys at the official site could make a warning that the provided 
> Win32 binary is unsupported by them or something, perhaps they could 
> merge the changes into the main code... who knows. If enough interest 
> is shown, I might improve the changes and maybe even try to make a NT 
> service out of memcached too.
> Okay, I truly hope my work can be used, I'll be waiting for some 
> feedback. If anyone is interested in the code and/or the binaries, 
> please let me know. The zip file with everything (including libevent) 
> is 757 KB.
> Sincerely,
> Kronuz.
Did you have to change libevent as well, or only memcache itself? I'd be 
interested in getting a copy of this -- especially the source.


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