Great system.. two questions though..

Brian Moon brianm at
Thu Mar 30 16:01:35 UTC 2006

> Question one is sort of silly, or struck me as silly anyway.. When I try 

That looks normal to me, but I am not familiar with the perl client and 
what the significance of the : is.  So I will let someone else answer that.

> Question two is more of an architechtural one.  If I define multiple 
> servers in the Memcached object, and do a set(), does it update the 
> value on ALL the backend servers, pick one at random, or what?
 > Likewise if you get() in that situation, does it try all the servers
 > before failing, or is there some other system at play here?

In both cases, the perl client uses an algorithm to select a server 
based on the key you have provided.  As long as the server list stays 
the same, the client will select the same server for the same key.  If 
the server can not be reached, the client then chooses another server 
from the pool.

Brian Moon

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