Great system.. two questions though..

Brian Moon brianm at
Thu Mar 30 16:13:15 UTC 2006

> I got that from the examples provided.. It's not a perl thing, and I'm 
> not certain if it has any significance either, but documentation is sparse.

Well, you will find that much of the power in memcached is in the 
clients.  Each client has its own personality.  I don't know if the perl 
client currently looks at that namespace stuff at all.

> I see.  So if the server chosen by the algorithm during the set() goes 
> down later, the get() will try all the other servers before failing -- 
> though it will likely fail at least the first time, since the set() only 
> put it in one place.

No, the get() will stop when it finds a server that is up.  It reapplies 
the algorithm to the servers list minus the server that is down.

Of course, again, this is a client thing.  The PHP client has the 
ability to not fail over and simply return failure if the server it 
chooses can not be found.

Brian Moon

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