Patch: CPU efficiency, UDP support, and other changes

Garrett Rooney rooneg at
Fri May 5 00:20:12 UTC 2006

On 5/4/06, David Ulevitch <davidu at> wrote:
> Memcached is a hash table for all the pros and cons that come with
> being a hash table.
> I can't imagine support for this.  Try a SQL cache or an Object
> Persistence database.

The use case isn't quite as nuts as you might think.  I don't know
about scaling it up to the point of a namespace per user in your
system, that seems a bit extreme, but I've seen cases where you have
multiple parts of the application sharing the same set of memcached
servers, and it would be really convenient to be able to clear out
just part of it.  This would be useful in situations where you
discover a bug in your cache invalidation logic, but where you'd
prefer not to restart all the memcached servers due to the impact of
cold caches on your system.


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