curr_items never decreases

Brian Moon brianm at
Thu May 18 20:26:47 UTC 2006

> Yeah, we have been looking at it. Items should be available for about 7 
> days in the cache. Nothing breaks catastrophically if it leaves sooner, 
> but clients session are no longer available and they will need to create 
> a new session. We are happy to size it for this, but I would like to get 
> it close initially and would like to know how much more I need to add to 
> get it right as load expands the demands on the cache.

Its been discussed before on this list that the original intent of 
memcached is to cache data that exists in a slower form.  Its only 
purpose is to make getting at the data faster.  It is not best practices 
to use it as a storage system as it is volatile.

Of course, that does not keep you from making it work for you like you 
want.  I just wanted to point that out so you don't expect memcached to 
do things it was not intended to.


Brian Moon
Its good to be cheap =)

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