Memcache connection errors

Jacques Caron jc at
Wed May 24 10:30:54 UTC 2006


Start by checking your interface error counters on your servers 
(netstat -in) and switches. Also try a nice big ping -i 0.01 -c 10000 
between the boxes to see if you have any kind of packet loss.


At 15:52 23/05/2006, Kamran Nisar wrote:

>hey alll...
>we are having a weird problem with memcache.. descriptions below.
>the problem:
>we shifted our hosting company, and ever since we got at the new 
>one.. we have been getting random connection error to memcache...
>we've run various packets transfers during the memcache test to see 
>if a similar error is encountered there.. but the the problem seems 
>to occur with memcache only..
>the memcached lies on anoher machine, and the hits are generated 
>using ab, when using anything above total of 1000 and concurrent of 
>150 connections.. we start getting random errors.. the errors are 
>mentioned below
>PHP Warning:  Memcache::pconnect() [<a 
>href='function.pconnect'>function.pconnect</a>]: Can't connect to 
><>, Unknown error (0)
>PHP Warning:  Memcache::pconnect() [<a href=' 
>function.pconnect'>function.pconnect</a>]: Can't connect to 
><>, Connection timed out (110)
>increased the port range to accomadate over 64K connections, 
>recompiled the kernel to accomodate TIME_WAIT to 2 secs, tried 
>setting up memcached on the same machine, remote machine.. but the 
>errorr keeps randonmly showing up...
>we are currently using 100Mbps ethernet cards , while previously we 
>had gigabit ethernet on managed switches.. and we have also swtiched 
>from intel to 64 bit AMD
>any suggestions/ides for debugging or reasons as to why the random 
>connect error comes up...
>M Kamran Nisar,

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