The State of Memcached Hacking

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue May 30 03:07:51 UTC 2006

People often ask, "Why hasn't there been a release for a year?  Does that
mean memcached has stagnated and nobody uses it?"  Quite the contrary:
it pretty much just works, so we never have to touch it.

That said, the patches have been picking up so it's time for another
development cycle to merge everything together and get another release out
the door.  And maybe get some more reliable maintainers and/or
co-maintainers so that things don't have to go in yearly bursts anymore.

Here's the current state of things:

Trunk:  (the next release will come from here)
$ svn co memcached-trunk

Facebook's jumbo-patch branch:
$ svn co memcached-facebook

(which is branched from the last release:)
$ svn co memcached-1.1.12

Win32 branch:  (by kronuz)
$ svn co memcached-win32

The goal is to merge facebook and win32 into trunk.  This will
probably be done by first backporting all the 1.1.12 to 1.1.13-pre
changes back into facebook, then merging facebook back up to trunk.

I haven't yet looked into how the win32 stuff will merge.

Another thing I'd like to do before the next release is have the start
of a good test suite.  It doesn't have to be comprehensive to start,
but it should be fleshed out enough such that any new patches can come
along with new tests.  (the tests/harness will be Perl, though)

Does anybody have free time to help with any of the above?

If you want svn commit access, reply publicly with what you intend to
work on (so others know how to coordinate toe-stepping) and email me
privately the line produced by:

    htdigest -c for-brad.txt Danga YOURUSERNAME


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