how to delete cache in best way.

Johannes Fosseus johannes.fosseus at
Mon Oct 2 08:33:08 UTC 2006


I run into a problem last night concerning memcache. I use cache keys
like this $key = $session.$writerid.$page

$page is the paging id of a list using paging in the gui, for example
a users messages in the inbox. There can be more then one cached lists
to the uses, using different $page. The user can have 3 pages of
messages in the inbox and each one of them cache one list.

So, if the user delete a massage on page 2 I want to delete all cached
lists, is there a easy way to do that or do I have to check the number
of pages and after that delete every cached list, in this case 3

For example in Smarty I can create groups in the file cache and then
delete a group, kind of nice.

Regards / Johannes.

Johannes Fosseus webbmail

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