Simple questions from memcached newbie

mike mike503 at
Wed Oct 11 19:50:55 UTC 2006

On 10/11/06, Jeetendra Mirchandani <jeetum at> wrote:
> Going a little off topic here, has somebody worked on writing a data
> redundancy layer over memcached?
> What I would love to have is memcached servers talking to each other
> maintaining replicas, so that even if a server goes down, the data is
> not lost.

I think this is where many people will tell you "memcache is not a
database" - I think you're trying to rely on it "too much" at this
point. I think safe advice for usage would be "use it for caching of
data to save trips to the db/etc." - NOT to replace a db or make
memcache your data layer.

I would only use it as a simple, throw-away type layer - I would put
it between the data source and my application, with a simple if(key
exists) { use it } else { get data; set key; use it} type deal - and
then just figure out an intelligent method of invalidating the data if
needed. Otherwise I would not rely on it for anything else...
especially since it was never designed for that.

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