memcached "backends"

Brian Moon brianm at
Fri Oct 13 02:37:01 UTC 2006

Ask Bjørn Hansen wrote:
> Depends on your perspective; in some cases then the memcached use is 
> implemented in the "model layer" ("in between") so your "front end code" 
> (controllers / views) just magically gets the cached data when available 
> and appropriate.

Yes, its semantics really.  Sure, I call a function and get an array.
 From that codes perspective it is between.   However, if you are
writing that function, you check memcached and if not there get it from
the DB.

>  - ask (who doesn't have a need or particular interest for other 
> backends either - although the NDB backend could be neat and possibly 
> useful)

Sure, when we have our spare time we can all jump on this.  I will see
you in 2022. =)


Brian Moon
It's good to be cheap =)

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