memcached "backends" (was Re: Simple questions from memcachednewbie)

Jeetendra Mirchandani jeetum at
Sat Oct 14 10:25:41 UTC 2006

On 10/14/06, Peter Van Dijck <petervandijck at> wrote:
> > About the persistent backend, almost everyone here uses some kind of a
> > database as a backend to memcached.
> Oh, I thought we used memcache as a caching layer over the database.
> You've got it the other way round? :)

I see it the other way because I need something to serve out key-value
data fast. And memcached is the answer when it comes to utilizing the
full memory available, and serving it out fast. Just that I wanted one
more layer that keeps the data persistent.

You may look at it as having written a mysql layer first and then put
the memcached on top of it. But think about it, if memcached did have
a persistent option as well(along with all its current properties),
you would not have gone to mysql for many apps!

Just a different point of view. You can rightly argue that its not
what memcached is meant to do, but then this is just an item in my


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