Memcached Clusters?

Reinis Rozitis roze at
Tue Oct 24 07:42:44 UTC 2006

> It would be good if the servers all shared the same data (or some other
> sort of redundancy). This would mean that if one of the servers went
> down, the other servers would still retain the data and as such it would
> provide high-availability for the system.

Well on the other hand if you split the data between a pool of servers there 
is less amount on each so it works faster this way.

You could just make client side code such way - do not add the servers to 
pool (dont use add_server()) but just to do set() command on each of 
Memcaches and then do a random get() (if the first connect fails (eg server 
went down) connect to the second server)).

Practicaly you can implement pretty everything on client side code..


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