Memcached Clusters?

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Tue Oct 24 13:04:35 UTC 2006

On 10/24/06, Moritz Maisel <maisel at> wrote:
> If there were 3 Servers X, Y and Z. A client uses cache Y. After that Y
> goes
> down. Now the client takes another cache. When B comes up again it is
> again
> used by the client and we get outdated data ...

I would have thought that if Y goes down, the client goes to the
database(s).  At least that's what I'm planning.  If the client can't
connect it will go directly to the source.  I mean, that's what the client
would have to do anyway if it could connect to the sever but the server
didn't have the data cached.

I'm a new user, and I love the idea of memcached but I don't think it was
designed to be reliable.  It's not the Google filesystem.  That's cool, as
long as I don't architect my system as though it were.

- Bash

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