Practical limit on number of memcached servers in a single pool?

Evert|Rooftop evert at
Tue Oct 24 21:13:05 UTC 2006

The daemon is not aware of the pool, only the clients are..

For PHP this means change a setting/script and the next request will 
have the updated information, if you use something like mod_perl I'm 
sure thats the same thing..


EKC wrote:
> What is the practical limit on the number of servers I can have in a
> memcached pool? 10's, 100's, 1000's? I'm using a gigabit switched LAN
> with all of the servers on the same subnet. I say thousands because I
> am using many virtual vmware servers.
> What is the largest number of servers that someone has used in a 
> memcached pool?
> My strategy for dealing with crashed servers is to treat them as
> cache-misses (no re-hasing of keys to servers). I'm using the Perl
> API.
> Also, if I build a new server and want to add it to an already running
> pool, can I do that without restarting memcached on each of the
> servers in the pool? Can I do a rolling restart? So, if I want to add
> server n+1 to a pool of n running memcached servers, I would do:
> 1) start memcached on server n+1 with a pool list of all n+1 servers
> 2) for each server 1...n, add server n+1 to the pool list and restart 
> memcached
> Or, is there better way of adding a new server to a running pool?
> I'm not too concerned with cache misses while memcached is restarting.
> Thanks in advance!

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