SERVER_ERROR object too large for cache

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Mon Oct 30 06:41:46 UTC 2006

You get that when you're *reading* an object? You should only get that 
on a set/add/replace. Are you sure? Can you provide a reproducible test 
case that returns that error on a "get"?

The maximum size is 1 megabyte. It can be increased; I believe there was 
a patch (against the old 1.1.12 version) to do it. The trick is that 
memcached's memory manager allocates memory in 1MB chunks, so increasing 
the maximum is not just a matter of changing a "maximum object size" 
setting somewhere. But it is certainly doable.


Luc Levesque wrote:
> I get "SERVER_ERROR object too large for cache" when reading a large 
> value from memcached.
> My questions is, what's the max size and can this be increased somehow?
> Thanks

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