memcache make performance decrease?

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My data are about 30*64K(Max) . There are about four arrays of that data,
which mean about 4*30*64K=7M. Did that implementation affect the
performance, or because I am just in the test system, the memcache can not
make good performance improvement when the messages are only more than 100
thousands? I want to check the code of memcache,  on the other hand, is it
comes from I putting the memcache on the same server of yapache and mysql?





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Hi Mr. Wang:
  I am working in yahoo email group in CA. We are using memcache as our
cache solution.
  (My director saw you email and let me help, if you thank, thank him:) )
  How to use memcache is critical in performance in our cache solution. We
tried different  methods for using memcache, we made tradeoff for best
performance and implementation complexity. The lesson we learned is, make
correct data object granularity, both too small or big will hurt
performance. Performance stats for email requests can be hundreds of times
difference for correct and mis usage.
  Not sure if this can give you a clue for your implementation? I may can
help you in big picture level.



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