What are the semantics of flush_all with delay

Dustin Sallings dustin at spy.net
Mon Apr 2 20:21:06 UTC 2007

	I was writing a test suite for my java client that talked to an  
actual memcached and found that I couldn't figure out exactly what  
flush_all with a delay is supposed to do.

	My test for delete works something like this:

	validate object isn't there
	set object
	validate object is there with my value
	validate object isn't there
	validate add does not set object
	validate update does not set object
	validate set works fine

	I tried the same thing for flush_all, and the assertions following  
the delayed flush don't seem to make much sense.

	I was running my tests against memcached 1.2.1 in case it makes a  

Dustin Sallings

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