Odd occurrence?

Just Marc marc at corky.net
Fri Apr 6 16:40:04 UTC 2007


Yes, I guess the same thing too.

This reminds me of another set of stat counters I'd like to see put in, 
error counters (connection related errors, out of descriptor conditions) 


> On Apr 6, 2007, at 7:59 , Randy Wigginton wrote:
>> Yesterday I had to restart a memcache instance.  It appeared to be in 
>> a state where all current connections were working properly, but it 
>> was no longer accepting new connections.  Has anyone seen anything 
>> like this before?  Under what circumstances do folks on this list 
>> need to restart their memcache instance?
> How many connections did you have into it?  I would expect something 
> like that if you ran it out of file descriptors.
> -- 
> Dustin Sallings

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