libmemcache, exit() calls

mike mike503 at
Tue Apr 10 00:22:59 UTC 2007

yeah i had a question about this as well - originally john's
php-mcache was touted as the best from what i read. pecl's had some
obvious shortcomings. now it seems (on this list) that most folks are
using pecl, and pecl has been updated a lot more since then.

i'm wondering if anyone has a feature comparison, or a way to look at
john's reasons why his is better and answer in turn with pecl's
response for each now?? it'd be great to use pecl now.

On 4/9/07, Tim Yardley <liquid at> wrote:
> Brian;
> This might be what you were referencing:
> As far as I recall, php-mcache isnt developed anymore.  It seems John
> McCaskey isn't at, so the original source location doesn't exist
> (  You should use
> instead I'd imagine.
> /tmy
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> Hi!
> I have discovered, the hard way, that libmemcache has an exit() call
> in it for certain types of errors. Doing some research I found a
> reference to php-mcache having written its own error handling to
> short circuit this behavior. I can not though seem to find an example
> of this.
> Any one got one?
> Thanks!
>        -Brian
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