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Özgür Köy genseric at
Wed Apr 11 01:21:31 UTC 2007

hi all ,

i am currently working on a new community application, a pretty complex
one(not in US :) )

well i ve been thinking of mysql clustering ( all heap tables ) for session
being sure of what i d do, i was roaming on web. hell i ve seen the
memcached, peace of  bob marley was lost. digged and digged all i found was
, innovation! ( omg )

i ve read some of you guys, sharing GREAT nfo, thanks to all those for being
generous themselves, i really wanna shout that out, cause my thoughts

well as i said i am on a pretty big project, all developing myself. i
already(mostly) have the smarty engine caching system( my saviour) planned.
for sessions and some other stuff that i need, i m thinking of using the
sweet juicy memcached.

the real deal is , i got a few questions to shoot,
and i know it s lame but i ll use numbers..

1. get status method, does that work accurate, i mean can i use that info to
load balance the mc'd servers? ( if 1st is full, try the 2.)
2. i ll let the application( all codes and ..) work on some seperate
server(s). but, i just thought that the servers running only app( php
actually) may run their own memcached daemon(just with some 256mb like ram
setting). just to help the mc'd network.
sure i ll monitor but, do you think it may slow down the application  a lot
3. i read  some about the facebook patched version, me confused, i must say
:) which is the most accurate one for some application like i said..?
something like 's
4. zend has some caching module as well  i recall. are these 2 in some same
path? if so , any benchmark info?

well guys thanks a lot for reading. i m waiting to share my status.
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