OFF TOPIC: Message Queue Server Recommendations

Paul G paul-lists at
Wed Apr 11 02:30:21 UTC 2007

Erik Osterman wrote:
> I was hoping that maybe some of you using Memcache would also be using
> some sort of open source message queue server. Something along the
> lines of MSMQ, but doesn't need to be as elaborate. I can't seem to
> find any for Linux other than SAFMQ, but I dread Java applications
> (sorry, don't mean to poke at any of you Java developers).

i haven't decided which one to use yet for the current project i'm working 
on, but here are some options for ya:

    * Apache MQ (closest to what MSMQ does) - java, seems to be fairly 
mature and in use
    * AMQP standard based -
        * OpenAMQ - java, fairly new, incomplete
        * RabbitMQ - erlang (!), fairly new but seems already pretty 
    * ICE (icecast) - ( c++, ice itself is 'corba done right 
(according to them), they've got a message queue app built on top of it

please not ehtat although there are others like STOMP, we have a requirement 
for high performance so haven't looked at any of the simpler stuff.

i'd be very much interested i hearing what others have used and what their 
actual experience has been, whether with one of the above or something else.


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