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Wed Apr 11 21:32:09 UTC 2007

i get it .. it is jus that memcache is so awesome.. and it doest feel all
that good losing the cache.. when there is a 90+% hit rate!!

On 4/11/07, mike <mike503 at> wrote:
> the idea of memcache is not a persistent cache... everyone keeps
> butting heads with that concept :)
> if you're looking for a persistent cache that will use disks to back it
> up:
> however, you should have in your code to hit the database/data store
> for the data if it's a cache miss and then update the cache - your
> site may be a little bit slow while it's recaching, but that's the
> point. it's not a reliable data store, it's a volatile way to save
> trips to the database (it's just like RAM (volatile) vs. HD
> (non-volatile))
> On 4/11/07, rkmr.em at <rkmr.em at> wrote:
> > i would like to always have the latest memcached development version/svn
> > version running. right now i recompile memcache, kill memcache server
> and
> > launch it again. i lose all the cache. i just have one server.. is there
> > anyway for me not to lose the cache?
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