Multithreaded status (Was: Re: best way to upgrade)

Don MacAskill don at
Wed Apr 11 23:43:05 UTC 2007

Steven Grimm wrote:
> The protocol has stayed the same (aside from some new stats getting 
> added) for quite a while. There shouldn't be any issue from an 
> interoperability point of view. We have never had any issue with things 
> breaking during our rollouts, including way back when we used to run 
> multiple instances per host (before the multithreaded version.)

Sorry to thread hi-jack, but I'd love to hear the status of the 
multithreaded version and whether it's in heavy production use at 
Facebook.  And, if so, how it's doing, of course.  :)

Sorry if I missed a recent message on the subject, but last I heard, it 
was in an early state.



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