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Cal Heldenbrand cal at
Thu Apr 12 19:13:20 UTC 2007

> Does the web servers do all the set()'s ?    If you need tens of
> thousands of values set and get per request, then yes - you
> definitely need to aggregate them.

Yes, all of the web servers will be independently running set / get
operations.  So, the "easy" way to code my example is:


But the most efficient way considering the memcache protocol / storage /

  var1=20070412185933613883000000,20070412185952675260000000,...    (up to
1MB of data)

Does that seem correct?

I've noticed there is the mc_aget() for grabbing multiple keys per get -- is
there something similar for setting multiple variables?  I'm guessing I
could hack together a struct of all these variables to make the process
easier, is that the common usage for this particular situation?

Thanks for all the help!


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