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timeless time at
Fri Apr 13 20:08:36 UTC 2007

Just Marc wrote:

>>> 2)   I'm still trying to get into the mindset that memcache is to be 
>>> used as a volatile cache, not a long term session storage space.  
>>> Still, it's an attractive idea -- has anyone created a mirrored 
>>> cache system?
>> MySQL Cluster/NDB.
> Probably not too many of you tried MySQL Cluster yet.   Chances are it 
> won't fit your application and performance expectations.   From my 
> experience it would fit a pretty narrow set of applications at the 
> moment.

Yes. It's still rather niche. I don't know what a "mirrored cache 
system" is, but if it actually means "non-volatile cache system," I 
understand Wikipedia's Tugela Cache does that, and is closer in spirit 
to memcached than MySQL NDB is.


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