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Marcus Bointon marcus at
Thu Apr 19 17:53:20 UTC 2007

On 19 Apr 2007, at 18:30, Michael Firsikov wrote:

> A typical complex search involves 5-10 tables, all properly  
> indexed. (some
> tables have in excess of 12-15 million records) However, the  
> concurrency is
> problematic (1000+ concurrent users).

That's a lot of simultaneous users, however, it doesn't change much.  
If you can arrange your data so that a search constitutes looping  
over 1 table (the list of entries in memcache) and inspecting each  
row (what you are proposing), you should be able to arrange it to  
look that way inside MySQL as well, and thus dramatically reduce your  
search complexity. If you're intending to do the same searches as  
you're currently doing, but implemented using php and memcached, home- 
brew joins and all and expect it to be faster, you are doomed to  
fail. You have a strategic issue here, not a tactical one.

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