Trying to 'dump' all data in memcache to disk

Marcus Rueckert darix at
Tue Apr 24 02:20:41 UTC 2007

On 2007-04-23 18:17:49 -0700, Sam Magister wrote:
> I'm running memcached v1.2.1 with the python API v 1.34. I'm keeping  
> a rather large number of key/object pairs in memcache (about 2  
> million) which take up about 2GB of space in RAM. It takes a long  
> time to load all the objects from a database. To expedite this, I  
> would like to load it once for the database and then transfer what's  
> in RAM to disk so I can load back into memcache in case of a crash.
> So basically I'm looking for a way to dump the entire memcache to a  
> file and then load it back up again.
> I found somthing to that effect here, but it seems like it actually  
> can't be done presently.
> If anyone can tell me for sure it can't be done, that would be useful  
> so I can stop looking.
> What I'm considering doing is grabbing all the objects key by key,  
> then appending them to a list in python, pickling that list and then  
> saving it to disk. Loading them would work the other way around.
> But if it's possible to do this without python that would be very  
> convenient.

1. you cant iterate all keys! (this is a FAQ)
2. maybe you want:


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