consistent hashing: in Perl, standards

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Thu Apr 26 07:26:02 UTC 2007

On Apr 25, 2007, at 23:47, Just Marc wrote:

> 2. C is faster than higher level languages and memcache is all  
> about performance.

	I generally disagree with the first part of this statement.  Higher  
level languages often make it easier to produce higher level  
optimizations that produce better results.  My ocaml code is  
generally faster (and always smaller) than my C code, for example.   
I'd be interested in racing my pure java memcached client  
implementation against the C ones that exist if someone wants to  
write a test.

	I'm not saying nobody should write a client in C, but I don't know  
that it'd be useful for every C-based application.  For example, I've  
been contemplating writing a plugin for lighttpd that would attempt  
to fetch content from memcached before falling back on a proxy  
config.  I'd probably need multiple connections I could have in a  
kqueue/poll/select/whatever loop over an individual key at a time to  
satisfy spoon feeding.  That code would probably look different than  
what you might fit into a PHP plugin where you'd ideally want one  
connection and bulk fetches returned all at once (optimizations I've  
found very useful in my own client).

	Of course, if someone's got a SoC budget, I'd be glad to provide my  
requirements.  :)

Dustin Sallings

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