Memcached (1.1.12) Hanging in itmes.c:153

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Thu Apr 26 08:06:36 UTC 2007

It doesn't make any sense that it'd actually hang there. There's a loop 
in process_command, but given the arguments I see are getting passed 
into that function, I don't see any way that would loop either.

Is this something you can catch in the act, or is your stack trace from 
a core file? If you're catching it live, I'd be very interested in 
seeing what it looks like if you single-step through the code, stepping 
until it gets back to wherever you interrupted it (assuming there's an 
infinite loop going on here). Looking at the 1.1.12 code I don't see how 
it could get stuck but obviously it can since you're seeing it!

This is not something we have ever seen on any version of memcached to 
my knowledge.


Dean Michael C. Berris wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I've attached the backtrace of the part where the memcached instance is
> hanging, which has been encountered by a previous poster
> (
> #0  0x0804bfa5 in item_unlink_q (it=0x40e9bd08) at items.c:153
> #1  0x0804c470 in item_unlink (it=0x40e9bd08) at items.c:180
> #2  0x0804ae43 in process_command (c=0x808e9b8,
>     command=0x809d8f0 "get 38004118") at memcached.c:628
> #3  0x0804b143 in try_read_command (c=0x808e9b8) at memcached.c:770
> #4  0x0804b42e in drive_machine (c=0x808e9b8) at memcached.c:870
> #5  0x0804b8eb in event_handler (fd=12, which=2, arg=0x808e9b8)
>     at memcached.c:1112
> #6  0x40026b34 in event_process_active (base=0x808ad60) at event.c:256
> #7  0x40026d9a in event_base_loop (base=0x808ad60, flags=0) at
> event.c:370
> #8  0x40026c23 in event_loop (flags=0) at event.c:305
> #9  0x08049f6d in main (argc=12, argv=0xbfffde34) at memcached.c:1543
> I'd like to ask whether this is already considered a known issue with
> 1.1.12, and whether this has been fixed in a later release. I've been
> looking at the Changes for 1.2.1, and I haven't seen anything relating
> to this issue.
> Advice and insights would be most appreciated.
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> Dean Michael Berris
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