sivaramakrishna sista srksista at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 10:35:24 UTC 2007


I want to get a key from memcache using C API. The key was set using the perl API.

 Is it possible to get a key or any other varibale which was set using  perl API and can be get using C API.

I have done the follwoing steps to acheive it:

I have set some keys using perl API as follows:

$cache = Cache::Memcached::Managed->new('');
my $id = '12345';
my $ret = $cache->set(value      => $test, key => $id );

Now I try to get the above key using C API as follows:
mc = mc_new();
 val = mc_aget(mc, "12345", MCM_CSTRLEN("12345"));

but the val retuens nothings....

Can you guide exactly the steps to follow to get a key in C which was set in using perl API


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