Can someone tell me about the infomation given by the output of cmd 'stats slabs'

John.H xiaocong.hust at
Mon Aug 6 11:37:52 UTC 2007

When I type 'stats slabs' cmd to the memcached server,I got the output like
STAT 1:chunk_size 96
STAT 1:chunks_per_page 10922
STAT 1:total_pages 2
STAT 1:total_chunks 21844
STAT 1:used_chunks 21844
STAT 1:free_chunks 0
STAT 1:free_chunks_end 1773
STAT 3:chunk_size 152
STAT 3:chunks_per_page 6898
STAT 3:total_pages 3
STAT 3:total_chunks 20694
STAT 3:used_chunks 20694
STAT 3:free_chunks 0
STAT 3:free_chunks_end 759
what does these mean?
Hope someone can help me about this,thanks a lot.
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