about 2G memory problem and connection memory usage

Brian P Brooks Brian.Brooks at Colorado.EDU
Tue Aug 7 17:28:24 UTC 2007

>   > Is -m option for slabs not for malloc?
>   >At the moment, yes, -m only sets the maximum size of the cache
>   itself,
>   not any of the other data structures. Those are allocated as needed.
>   Do you mean that the -m option is only limit the memory allocate for
>   the slabs?
>   So what limit the other memory allocate?
>   If I have 4G memory totaly,can I set -m  option to 3000 ?

You should be able to fire up another instance of memcached to utilize as much memory as needed beyond the 2G barrier.

Is there a reason why there is a 2G barrier?  Does this have any affect on performance going larger/smaller or running more instances?  Would it be more effective to run 4 512mb instances rather than 2 2G instances?

Brian Brooks

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