about 2G memory problem and connection memory usage

Ryan Ordway ryan.ordway at oregonstate.edu
Wed Aug 8 01:20:33 UTC 2007

On 8/7/07 6:18 PM, "John.H" <xiaocong.hust at gmail.com> spake:

> So,in a 32-bit OS ,it does have the 2G barrier?
Can you give some detail
> infomation?
Thanks, Ask.

2007/8/8, Ask Bjørn Hansen
> <ask at develooper.com>:

> On Aug 7, 2007, at 10:28, Brian P Brooks wrote:

> > Is there a reason why there is a 2G barrier?

> There isn't if you use a 64-bit OS.

With a 32-bit OS, you cannot address more than 2GB of memory for a given
process. Hence, the 2GB memory limit for memcached on a 32-bit OS.

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