ketama consistent hashing update

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed Aug 8 10:15:27 UTC 2007


I was actually looking at ketama earlier today, after a lunch discussion
with coworkers about finally standardizing the consistent hashing
algorithms in the memcached community.

When I looked at the code earlier today, I noticed you weren't doing the
optimization I did with my Set::ConsistentHash implementation in Perl:
after building the continuum, evaluate get_point() at, say, 1024 points,
yielding 1024 pre-computed answers in an array.  And then at runtime,
picking a server is a lot faster:  it's just a regular hash (crc32, md4,
whatever) on the key, then an array access.  In my profiling, this made a
big difference.

I like that you're going forward with ketama, and that there's both a C
and Java implementation, but I'd like to have a written spec first, not
just a de-facto standard implementation. (even if "spec" is very informal,
but in memcached's doc/ directory at least)  I also want the spec to

   -- do we pre-compute 'n' points like my perl client?

      (note that this can be done lazily too, only evaluating each of
       1024 positions the first time they're accessed)

   -- which digest algorithm(s) for the points and/or array lookup?

   -- how many points are put on the continuum for each target?
   -- what is the input to the digest algorithm for points 1-n?


In the same way agreeing on crc32() was beneficial to all of us before,
and interlanguage interop, I think it's important to get this right too.

Besides you and me, who else has done consistent hashing implementations
here that we should involve?

- Brad

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, Richard Jones wrote:

> ketama is a consistent hashing library we use in our memcached clients,
> mentioned on this list a few months ago. I've updated our public svn:
> * libketama changed to BSD license
> * minor tweaks/optimisations
> * 'make test' has a basic regression test and hashing distribution check
> * added python_ketama (from folks)
> svn://
> There is also a (slightly outdated) patch in the patches dir to replace md5
> hashing with FNV-1a, which is ~60% faster, which i am yet to merge properly.
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