[PATCH] "incr" supports wraparound

Evan Miller emiller at imvu.com
Fri Aug 17 02:39:08 UTC 2007

Clint Webb wrote:
> Why would you *want* a wraparound when incrementing?
> Quite the opposite for me, I do not want it to wrap around, because then 
> I would require additional code to check that.  Right now, very 
> simply... if my increment fails, I reset all the data that is associated 
> with that key, and start again. 

Wraparound might actually be a better solution for you, because it 
solves the concurrency problems. Currently, several clients that 
simultaneously attempt to increment past the size limit will all receive 
errors, and they will all attempt to run your reset logic. I don't know 
about your specific use-case, but for us this means that increments get 
lost in the meantime (multiple clients reset the counter to 1).

With wraparound, only one client will receive a "0" return value, and so 
only one client will run the additional reset logic.

It's true that clients which rely on the increment errors will need 
tweaking, but overall wraparound makes Memcached more useful and robust 
as a generic counter service.

It would be even more useful if calling "incr" on a non-existent key set 
the value to "1" in order to avoid race conditions similar to what I 
describe above, but that's a different can of worms...


> Although, it is possible that treat a '0' returned as a wrap failure in 
> your scenario, it is easier for me to treat the wrap error the same as 
> if the key had expired, or the service had been restarted, causing me to 
> replenish the data that appears to be missing.
> On 8/17/07, *Evan Miller* <emiller at imvu.com <mailto:emiller at imvu.com>> 
> wrote:
>     Currently Memcached gives an error when incrementing large counters:
>     set foobar 0 0 10
>     2147483647
>     STORED
>     incr foobar 1
>     2147483648
>     incr foobar 1
>     CLIENT_ERROR cannot increment or decrement non-numeric value
>     I believe this is a bug. Attached is a patch to make counters wrap
>     around the 2**32 mark, similar to counters in routers. New behavior:
>     set foobar 0 0 10
>     4294967294
>     STORED
>     incr foobar 1
>     4294967295
>     incr foobar 1
>     0
>     A CLIENT_ERROR will continue to be returned if a value above 2**32 is
>     incremented, but the "incr" command will never push the value over that
>     mark.
>     A future version of Memcached should probably use a 64-bit counter
>     instead, but the 32-bit limit is in line with the existing docs. ("The
>     data for the item is treated as decimal representation of a 32-bit
>     unsigned integer.")
>     The patch also adds "const" keywords to arguments of do_add_delta and
>     mt_add_delta, to be consistent with the header file.
>     Documentation and tests have been updated.
>     Evan Miller
>     IMVU, Inc.
> -- 
> "Be excellent to each other"

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