still version 1.2.2?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sat Aug 25 17:56:27 UTC 2007

It wasn't an actual release... Paul was playing with 'shipit' and
accidentally released it.

That's not to say it isn't a good release, but it didn't go through the
normal release process where we do an -rc, ask people on the list if it
works for them, etc.  It'd be really nice if we actually had smoke
machines for a bunch of OSes, but we don't, so releases are slow.

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007, Steve Chu wrote:

> Hi, all,
>      I find that it is already version 1.2.3 in subversion branches,
> but still 1.2.2 in Any problem with
> 1.2.3? Why not ship it on site?
>      Maybe guys are all on vacation :)
> --
> Steve Chu

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