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Khamis Siksek khamis.siksek at
Thu Aug 30 08:00:01 UTC 2007

Dear all,

Is there a way to update a value in memcached using the difference?

For example if I cached an array (e.g. the result of a select query from a
database) using the key 123:
set ('123', $a); // $a an array containing 10 rows

and after a while the table or fields got updated in the database, what I
will need to do now is to do the same thing I did before which is set
('123', $a); // now $a contains more or less rows with some modified fields

This means I have an overhead (the rows or fields that didn't change) that I
need to cache again, so is there a way that makes me set only the difference
(same as patching a source file using diff -u result).

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