Regarding Memory Allocation

Clint Webb webb.clint at
Thu Aug 30 08:30:09 UTC 2007

The slab allocator is the default.

The FAQ is saying that you should use the default (which is the slab way),
but if you have a particular reason otherwise, you can use the malloc/free

There are very few reasons why you would not want to use the default.

On 8/30/07, Ajinkya Nahar <ajinkya at> wrote:
>  Hi all,
> What is the default memory allocation technique in memcached?
> *Is it using the in built slab allocator or using *malloc/free? *As per
> the FAQ (
> it is a compile time option.* *But no details are given about how do we
> configure or set this option?* *Please let me know your
> comments/suggestions on this.* *Thanks in advance.* *Regards,* *Ajinkya*

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