Partial Flush?

Sam Washburn samw3 at
Thu Aug 30 20:55:01 UTC 2007

Hello list!

I'm wondering if this question has been asked before and hopefully replied
to with a good answer :)

We have several domains that use the same code base but independent objects
in memcache.  The memcache keys I use for each domain are
hostname+identifier.  One particular function(a user activated feature)
radically changes the state of the site and requires a flush so as not to
leave traces of the previous state.  Our code currently uses flush() to
perform this action.

While performing some profiling on the server we have noticed some slowdowns
now as the users flush the cache not only for their own domains, but for
everyone else's.

This is a shot in the dark question, but is it in the maintainer's interest
to implement a partial flush of a memcache server?  Perhaps by a wild card
key?  The other way I was thinking it could be done is by having both a
context and a key for storing a value.

Are any of these ideas of interest to the maintainers?  I have the skill to
implement these changes myself (and can contribute), but thought I would try
going to the source(no pun intended) before forking this great project.


Sam Washburn

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