Regarding Consistent Hashing....

Ajinkya Nahar ajinkya at
Fri Aug 31 05:47:31 UTC 2007

This really sounds good.
Please let me know the release date for this new PHP/PECL client.

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Good point about abstracting the hash function as well as the node
selection strategy, pecl/memcache used the latter concept to support
standard and consistent hashing strategies transparently.

I've added support for using either "new-style" CRC32 or 32bit FNV-1a
(like libketama-fnv) which can be combined with either hashing strategy.
The code is committed to the NON_BLOCKING_IO branch at but I'll merge it to HEAD during the weekend.

The relevant INI directives are

 memcache.hash_strategy = {standard, consistent}
 memcache.hash_function = {crc32, fnv}

The consistent strategy is now implemented like Brad's version but with
160 points per server and a choice of CRC32 or FNV-1a, I'll also make
the number of points and precomputed buckets (default 1024)
configurable. Points for a server are calculated like


Note the 0-based offset (libketama uses 0-based, Brad's version uses

Sounds good for a standard?


Dustin Sallings wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2007, at 1:48 , dormando wrote:
>> Mikael, I think now's as good of a time as ever to decide on the
>> hashing standard. Believe brad's asked a few times if anyone has any
>> complaints with the Perl version, or any reasons/preferences as to one
>> implementation or the other. There's no authority on this other than
>> the people who respond here and have compelling arguments :)
>     I didn't quite understand the perl well enough to comment on it.  :/
>> I only know of (offhand):
>> - Yours
>> - libketama
>> - Set::ConsistentHash
>> ... maybe Dustin wrote one? Maybe apr_memcache has one? I forget.
>> All that really matters is that an approach not everyone completely
>> absolutely hates is decided on, so this can get into use. Based on
>> MD5? Based on CRC32? What works best?
>     My client has a separate concept of hashing vs. node location, so I
> can use any hash algorithm in a ketama node locator (well, one of the
> four I have written support for:  crc32, fnv, md5, and java native).

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