Levels of Caching

howard chen howachen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 17:49:08 UTC 2007

This post might be a little bit off topic, but as you know, many
people in this list are running very high traffic sites, so this might
be good for knowledge sharing :)

Traditional scalable web architecture, such as used by wikipedia, use
the following similar model (correct me if i am wrong)

Load Balancer <--Squids <--- Apaches(PHP) ---> Memcacheds / MySQLs

The Squids handle around 70% of the total traffics, while the rest of
the request hit the WS and will fetch data from memcached or mysql.
(of coz their mysql is seriously tunned and configuration is very

I am wonder to add another layer of cache into this setup, e.g.

Load Balancer <--Squids <--- Apaches(PHP) ---> NFS/Memcached Page
Cache (e.g. Smarty Cache) --> Memcacheds / MySQLs

The web server will only fetch data from MySQL is only page cache not exist.

What do you think abt this idea?

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