Memcached PHP Sessions

Aaron Kalsnes akalsnes at
Thu Feb 1 21:30:56 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

I operate a website called and we are experiencing some  
major growing pains. We have utilized memcached all over the site,  
including storing sessions. I am not a developer by any means, but I  
am the one who does the server management. Our developers were not  
familiar with memcached before I told them. Like I said, we store our  
sessions in memcached, but for whatever technical reason, we still  
hit the database a lot (every page) to check that the user is still  
logged in (or something).

Is there a better way to handle sessions, preferably where we  
wouldn't have to hit the database so much? Is "session caching"  
something that exists?

Thanks guys,

Aaron Kalsnes

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