Max Connections on Windows = Bug?

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at
Fri Feb 2 16:13:34 UTC 2007

Stephen Bazemore wrote:
>Ok so here's what I've got. We run windows server 2003 machines with
>memcached 1.2.0. I've read alot on the mailing list and everyone say's the
>max connections to memcached is 1024 unless specified otherwise. How would
>it be possible to go above that limit? For month's all of our memcached
>instances have had on average around 3,500 connections on each.  I didn't
>think much about it because we weren't having any issues. Just recently
>we've optimized alot of code which is allowing more users to hit our site
>and the memcached connections are getting onward of 10,000 per instance.
>When that happens our network slows to a crawl and I have to shut the site
>off in order to let the connections die off.
>Is there a known bug in the windows version of memcached that would ignore
>the max connections limit?

Stephen, no, this isn't known. Are you using the -c argument to change the 
maximum number of connections to 10,000 ? under Windows, that setting is 
ignored and the limit is the number of connections the box can handle... 
although the listen() backlog is hardcoded to 1024 (unix version too). I 
guess we'll have to further investigate this issue; hopefully someone with 
enough knowledge regarding sockets can explain the behavior you've exposed. 
Try using version 1.2.1 to see if it changes anything.


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