curr_items vs total_items

mark rkmr.em at
Sat Feb 3 07:25:09 UTC 2007

i get stats from my memcached version like this. I use cmemcached the python
api. What is the difference between curr_items and total_items.
Is there anyway I can make the memcached not remove any item from the
cache? I can give it how much ever memory it wants.

echo -ne "stats\r\n" | nc -i1 localhost 11211
STAT pid 4017
STAT uptime 275443
STAT time 1170462163
STAT version 1.2.1
STAT pointer_size 32
STAT rusage_user 1.220000
STAT rusage_system 2.300000
STAT curr_items 4156
STAT total_items 6007
STAT bytes 2466558
STAT curr_connections 36
STAT total_connections 265
STAT connection_structures 37
STAT cmd_get 144144
STAT cmd_set 6017
STAT get_hits 123402
STAT get_misses 20742
STAT bytes_read 10146074
STAT bytes_written 501019093
STAT limit_maxbytes 838860800
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