Memcached PHP Sessions

howard chen howachen at
Mon Feb 5 17:07:13 UTC 2007

On 2/6/07, BUSTARRET, Jean-Francois <JFBUSTARRET at> wrote:
> My 0.02EUR for large web sites...
> Load balancers aren't without problems, and often have problems maintaining sessions for a long time.

how can you make sure that memcached will not run out of memory and
force to make your session expired?

> Plus session handling has a large impact on load-balancer CPU, and a CPU-starved load-balancer has an impact on all your HTTP traffic (even the one that does not need sessions, ie static content).

TCP/HTTP Load Balancer, such as HA proxy, use a single-process,
event-driven model which considerably reduces the cpu usage even under
high load, not difficult to saturate your network bandwidth with
modern CPU.


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