Command line stats

Jed Reynolds lists at
Fri Feb 9 00:48:49 UTC 2007

Steven Grimm wrote:

> The problem here is not that echo sends the command early (after all, 
> it will just sit in nc's input buffer until nc is ready to read it) or 
> a bug in memcached, but rather that nc exits as soon as it gets 
> end-of-file on its standard input, before it has had a chance to read 
> memcached's response.
> echo -e "stats\nquit" | nc -w1 memcached-host 11211
> works fine. That tells nc to wait (1 second) for input before exiting.
> -Steve

I'm running a late 1.2.0 (one from cvs right before 1.2.1 was labeled 
IIRC) and even if I do a "nc -w10 $ip" I only get a report once in a 
while. Sometimes I get the response, "ERROR".

I have much better response from "nc -i1 -w1 $ip" or even just "nc -i1 $ip".


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